Thursday, July 19, 2012

Uber Larabar Review

My BirchBox came in today and I was so excited! It has to be like the highlight of my month now. Of course the first thing I saw and wanted to try was the Uber LaraBar. Let's face it I love food and I've been looking for a yummy healthy snack! The flavor I received was Apple Turnover, awesome for me! I love any type of turnover! Though the other flavors sound delicious as well.

After staring at the bar for a few hours I finally went at it! And my goodness was it delicious. It was made with all natural ingredients and the ones I thought were most prominent were the dried apple pieces and pecans. They're small and a great on the go snack, I even read that they're melt proof! So pretty much the perfect snack for an on the go mom and toddler. I originally planned on sharing it with Mel but yeah that didn't happen...

For the bar it comes with 5 bars for $12.69, which for me is a bit pricey. But taking into account how delicious it was and how healthy it is I am definitely considering on splurging on some!

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