Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change

Millions of dogs are euthanized every year due to an over abundance at animal shelters... That number is way too high, especially considering the fact that only 20% of pets actually from shellers, the rest come from breeders or other places. 

All of my pets have from shelters (or well randomly finding them on the street) and they have all been lovely pets. July 23rd is national dog adoption day and I encourage everyone to look into their local shelters! You never know if your new best friend will be waiting for you there. Dogs are sent to the shelter for many reasons; whether it be a family moving, the previous owners not knowing enough about being pet owners, or just plain neglect and abuse. These animals deserve love and affection from us, so if you do decide that you want a pet please look into how to take care of it so you are prepared to take care of all their needs. Maybe you want a dog around but not want the full term responsibility of it, in that case please look into fostering a dog. That is another great way to help. Maybe you love animals but are allergic, don't have time for them, or just think they're too expensive. In that case please look into donating to a local shelter. I know most shelters accept dog and cat food, toys, blankets, etc for their animals.

Now the shelter I want to talk about is Austin Dog Rescue. Instead of having an actual kennel to keep their dogs everything is in a in home setting. They have also helped over 1,000 dogs find their forever family. Also unlike a lot of shelters, they require the families to fill out an application. This is so they can be sure to find the perfect dog for the family, instead of the family taking home just any dog and realizing it does not fit into the family.

Please look into participating in some way to help mans best friend <3


  1. IAustin Dog Rescue sounds like a great organization. Our adopters filled out an application at our shelter, but it was really just paperwork because the adoption was almost always approved unless the person was on our "list" or they lived in an apartment that we knew didn't take pets. We could try to discourage some if we felt it was not a good match, but we couldn't outright say no. I will be interested to read your post on July 23rd.

    Thank you so much for Blogging the Change and for spreading the word about the July 23rd dog rescue event. It's so nice to have people like you to share your experiences with pet adoption and rescues like the one in Austin.

    Mel Freer

  2. thanks for blogging about bloggers uniting on July 23 to bring about awareness of dog in desperate need.
    My son't service dog and I just made a video which is now LIVE on You tube to help spread the news.

  3. Thank you so much for spreading the word about the July 23rd event!