Friday, July 25, 2014


I started participating in #100happydays so that means more instagram pictures!

Our daily happenings in pictures!

I got boots, I am absolutely in love with them. I have no idea what I'm supposed to wear them with though?? I don't know how to do style. But hey, they're cute.

Melody and I went to Bahama Bucks for the first time! If I could enjoy show cones it would be my new favorite place! Melody loved it though!

We found a park. I fell in love with it! This is going to be my new go to place for my lunch breaks, it's beautiful!

This girl, she melts me. And that dimple? I die. She's the best, hands down.

Mustache day! Nothing like being silly at work! The kids loved it! Except for Mel, she acted like I was torturing her just to get that picture.

Melody had an in house field trip last week where a pottery studio came to school and let the kids paint something. Melody had been talking about her owl all week and we finally got it today! I love it!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Communication with a stutterer

Melody is a stutter. My poor baby girl stutters, one on one it's not that bad and at home it's barely even noticeable. This is until she gets upset or excited. I never stuttered, though I did have to go to speech therapy, so I'm not entirely sure on the right way to go about it. Since it has gone down I've been waiting to put her in speech therapy but we'll see how she does with it in pre-k.

What I've found works best with her is to keep my eyes on her, show her I'm interested and that I'm paying attention to her. I want her to know that what she says is importance and that in turn boosts her confidence. I hope that with her confidence boosted she'll be able to take her time and be able to get her words out. It seems to be working so far!

In school though it's a different story. She's very soft spoken and it's hard to hear her. Especially in a class full of rowdy boys, it's very easy for her to just not be heard. Her teachers say that her confidence has grown and that she enjoys raising her hand and answering questions but in a room full of 4-5 years it can be hard for any child to get out a full sentence, let alone one that stutters. Children don't have as much patience as adults do and I'm worried about their kindness as she gets older.

It seems to be in groups she has the most difficulty, her teachers do encourage her to talk and take the time to listen, but hopefully with realizing that what she has to say is important will help her continue to speak up regardless of the stuttering or maybe even overcome it all together!

Do you have any tips for stuttering?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

31 Days of lists

I'm gonna try this, 31 Days of lists. I have a thing about lists, they just make me really really happy. And they're fun! Or at least I think so.

Day 1- If I had an extra hour...

I would sleep! I would finally get up to 7-8 hours a night hopefully! Or I'd craft! No more "Mommy I want you to make me this before bed!" 5 minutes before bed. I seriously made the saddest looking panda bear coin purse last night because of that. But hey, it's for a 4 year old that already has roughly seven purses. She doesn't seem to mind.Or clean, we already have a set cleaning time but it'd be nice to get a little extra in.


I would go on longer walks! Longer walks and exercise! That's it, we almost never have time for anything more than a 10 minute walk and it would be oh so nice to make that at least 3 times as long. Walks it is.

If I had an extra hour I would go on longer walks.

Friday, May 16, 2014


We went to Sea World to see Super Why live in concert! She absolutely loved it and i'm so glad we were able to get in. We got to Sea World at 11:30, concert started at 12:45, we were running a little late but still had an hour and the past few times we've gone we always got in early so I wasn't worried. Boy was I wrong. I had to get her a new pass since hers had expired. They had a preschool pass, bring in a birth certificate and 4 and unders(?) get a free season pass. A lot of other people needed to get their passes too. We wait in line for a hour and only get halfway through it. It is now nap time and the concert has started, there was another at 4. Mommy didn't bring enough snacks for an hour plus wait in line, so now Melody is hungry and tired and just a little bit grumpy. The family in front of us had 5 in their family, they were also getting one preschool pass. They decided to wait any longer was just not worth the free pass so they left the line, taking us with them. Sea World was also doing buy one pass get one free so they gave us their extra pass! Thank you kind family!

Mother's day was great. I spent it with my love bug and even tried doing a Katniss braid with her hair and it turned out decently! We didn't do much or anything special but it was still nice. Boy do I love that kid. 

Baby girl loves Spider man. Do they make girl styled Spider man pjs and/or Marvel underwear, that's on her wish list.

This week was teacher appreciation week at my school! No better way to end it than with a bunch of beautiful flowers! I love my kids!

life rearranged

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Can we start again please?

This is me starting over, starting fresh. I'm not going to go back and delete everything but from here on out it's a brand new start.

I'm Layni. I'll be 22 in a month, I have the most amazing 4 year old daughter, life has had it's up's and down's but I'm hanging in there. My favorite color is blue, I love sitting and watching the sunrise/set with a journal and a cup of tea, my God is my strength. I'm just trying to make it in this world.

I say I pride myself on commitment. My inability to keep this blog up has proven otherwise, as does the fact I haven't even stayed with the same job for a year. Though, next month I will be changing that. Even keeping up a workout plan seems to get lost after a month. It doesn't matter how excited I am or want to keep up with it, it just kind of pans out. I would blame this on the bipolar, my quickness to be excited and the quick onset of apathy. Bipolar is not a crutch though and it will not be one for me. This is my vow to stick with something. It may not be this exactly, but it will be journaling somewhere.

This is also me starting fresh. Starting over from my baggage of the past year. My fiancé left me, 2 weeks after I moved to a different city to live with him, 2 months before the wedding date. The day before my nonreturnable wedding dress came in. This is me letting go of that. I refuse to be crushed by the weight and despair that it made me feel. I will grow and learn from it. It will not defeat me.

This is me becoming the mother and person I want to be. No more excuses. It's time I made an effort to be someone I'm proud of.