Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meeting the "Big Meow"

Yes I did it, I took Melody to see Hello Kitty at the mall today. It's safe to say that she LOVED it. My mom convinced me to get there like a hour early to avoid "lines" and yeah that didn't turn out well. We ended up going to the coffee shop to get some apple juice (that little girl is obsessed with apple juice), chex mix, and a red bull for momma. Thankfully that wasted 30 minutes. Next, we went to the Hello Kitty store and of course they were still getting ready, and exactly what were they doing to get ready? Blowing up balloons. Now if you don't know Melody she is in love with balloons. If she sees one she'll throw a fit and cry until she has it. But of course there were still 30 minutes until everything started and they wouldn't make any exceptions, not even an adorable crying toddler.

Oh did I mention she was decked out in Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty dress, Hello Kitty doll, and Hello Kitty underwear (which she proudly showed off). I must say she was the cutest kid there, or well everyone felt the need to tell me she was adorable. But hey thats nothing new =]!

She also got her face painted as a cat; whiskers and nose colored in. She meowed the rest of the day and had a huge meltdown when I washed her face for bedtime. I guess we're going to be a cat for Halloween this year.

On a side note I got a little black dress! Bring on the boys, I need a date!

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  1. Saw your post on Bloggy Moms and thought I'd stop by.

    Love the pics! Your daughter is adorable in her whiskers. Perhaps if you got them tattooed on you could avoid those meltdowns?!