Friday, July 27, 2012

Project Chair

We had such a busy and fun filled day today! We started off the day with art class, which is of course one of Melody's favorite things. She played with play doh, danced, colored, and glued. But just look at that concentration! I absolutely love it. She's going to be an artist when she grows up. Or a singer, musician, or model.... 
After nap time she got out her little dollhouse and played with her little people. She has the cutest little imagination. It is adorable to watch. Oh and see that little pink potty in there? Yeah you can flush it and it actually makes a flushing sound. Guess who tried to use the little toy potty and got really excited about it? Yep Melody just scooted over, tried her best to sit on it, flushed, then stood up and clapped. That's my baby for ya. 
Next we went to Ikea to get her a little upholstered chair! I thought about making her one myself but it's her first one and it's adorable and it was on sale. So I couldn't say no. To my amazement we made it in and out of Ikea in about 30 minutes, that's with walking thru the whole store than scavenging the "self serve furniture" for the box. It was pretty great actually, we didn't even have a melt down! Of course as soon as we got home I had to build her little chair.
But of course Lovebug wanted to help. She picked up a screwdriver and a nail and went at it. More concentration. She didn't even want mommy to help, she did pretty good though.

After we started "sharing" and mommy got a turn we completed the chair! That's right I did it all by myself, I'm getting good at these things! Apparently it's pretty comfy, she enjoyed relaxing in it for a bit before dinner. It's a tad bit big but it will last a good while!
So of course I had to finish the day by hanging up her memory board in her room. I have had that thing since before she was born and I have no idea why I had never hung it up before. Don't worry it's actually straight, the paint line below it just isn't ;). Can't wait to fill it up with all sorts of things!

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