Friday, July 20, 2012

First day of art class!

Well today has been a long day. We started off on a high note with our first gymboree art class this morning! I must admit it was a blast! They started off the class with some play doh, moved onto painting a "canvas", played with some fake snow and bells, had story and snack time, and then painted an apple and talked about what starts with different letters. Oh, and they also had bubbles. In case you didn't know, Melody LOVES bubbles so this class was definitely a winner! Though I believe any of the classes they offer would be great.

Did I mention I went to the gym yesterday? I have not done anything athletic in 3-4 years and I definitely can feel it! I only stayed there for 30 minutes and I can feel it in my legs and arm/chest area (some spot above my boobs where I didn't even know was a muscle you could work out). My trip there was pretty pitiful, I thought I was gonna die after 2 minutes on the elliptical. It was bad. The childcare there is amazing though! The lady that does it really goes above and beyond. Hopefully when we go back Monday I'll do better!

But back to today. Melody refused to nap during nap time so she just laid in her bed and played for about 30 min. Then ended up taking a late nap. When she takes a late nap she is always so so so cranky, it's horrible. We attempted to go out to eat with my dad and instead ended up sitting outside the restaurant and crying. Being a parent is so tiring!

I am now going to treat myself to a bubble bath before I have to do my homework and run up to Kohls to get Melody some clothes I had on hold.

Oh and tomorrow we're going to see Hello Kitty at the mall with face painting, balloons, and free stuff. Wish me luck!

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