Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day mailbox

For Labor Day we decided to make a mailbox! We used it to and talked about mailmen and how they deliver our mail =]
For our mailbox we used the bottom half of one of my Birchbox's some markers, Hello Kitty stickers, and glitter glue (her favorite).

Lovebug also chose to rock a rocker look today. And you see her shoes? Glitter pink leopard Hello Kitty shoes, she absolutely loves them to death. It's too bad they don't go with much though. Like she cares anyways.

We then of course had to finish off the day with a popsicle! They are a favorite treat, until of course the last little bit falls off the stick onto the ground. Then we have a full blown fit. With lots of crying and anger and it's just not good.