Monday, July 16, 2012

A day at the mall

I have apparently been having a reaction to my contacts (oh great) and my left eye gets red and gross looking when I wear them, the eye doctor says they're ulcers. So lucky for me today was my last visit to the eye doctor for a whole week! Next week they're going to give me a new prescription so I can get new contacts and hopefully not have to deal with this anymore!

Also yesterday I started cleaning out the game room, it took ALL DAY and I finally finished tonight (go me!), while cleaning I found a $25 gift card to build a bear! So while at the mall we just had to stop and well build a bear. Melody actually chose the cheapest out of all the bears, though she did pick the most expensive dress for it. We were able to get away with only spending $3 of our own money though! The stuffing machine did end up being a little scary but Melody loved doing all he things to "prepare" the heart to go inside the bear. So everybody meet "Baby"! She was so cute dragging that box all around the mall and back to the car. Now I just need to get Melody a Cinderella dress to match...


  1. Awww! What a great find while cleaning. When we moved I found 20$ to Walmart and thought I'd gone to heaven. Hehe

    Such a cute kid with a precious bear.

    1. Finding gift cards has to be my favorite thing! And thank you so much!