Monday, July 23, 2012

Color Club - Factory Girl Nail Polish Review

One of the things in my BirchBox this month was this lovely nail polish, which is from the Summer Pastels Collection and only $8! Now I'm not very good at putting on nail polish, it's really sad actually. So i have been using the Sally Hanson nail things, I really love all the designs on those but I get kind of OCD and stressed with putting them on.

I was a little excited about this polish though, I normally stick with pinks and such for my nail color so I was happy I had an excuse to try a new color. It was easy to put on and dried pretty fast, I was supposed to put on a second coat which would have made it look a lot nicer, but I was in a bit of a hurry so I only did one. I think it still turned out nice =]

After putting it on I decided I love the color! It's a nice pastel blue and just looks like summer! I felt like I just needed to go to the beach or at least the pool while wearing it! Hopefully I'll be able to try out the rest of these lovely pastels!

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