Saturday, July 14, 2012

InstaFriday 7/13

Today Mel and I had a romper picnic party! She really loves her new romper, and loved posing in it!
 Note to self: Strawberries are messy and should probably not be ate while wearing brand new clothes! But love bug is adorable eating them. And somehow they are less messy to eat than peanut butter and jelly....
 She was also so very excited when she found this dandelion at the end of our picnic, they are most definitely one of her favorite things. Oh the simple joys in life!
 Next we went to Goodwill to find some shirts to repurpose, spent more time hiding in the clothes than anything else! Also clothes are more expensive there than I realized, or maybe I'm just that cheap. Who knows. I was able to come away with one shirt that I plan on turning into a tank for Mel.
So I forgot to turn this picture around before uploading it, oh well! We came home and snuggled down with a book. Though she did end up skipping nap time. We got lucky with our picnic and outing, as soon as we got home rain starting pouring!

 Also my lovely little BirchBox came in! I got these 5 wonderful products I can't wait to try out!

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