Monday, January 28, 2013

Try, try, and try again

So I want to be crafty. I want to be able to sew, knit, and just make adorable things. But as y'all know I am not the least bit crafty. Sure I try, you can look back and see my attempts. But to put it really simply, I just suck at sewing. I watch tutorial after tutorial and nothing turns out well (I also have this problem with make up and hair).

So who is going to waste money on fabric to attempt to make Melody a valentines day dress? I am! Though I did but a dress just in case... But you know what they say; try, try, try again and eventually you will succeed! At least that's what I'm hoping for... I told my mom I'll be on project runway when I'm 55 cause that's how long it'll take me to get the hang of it. Lets just hope it really doesn't take that long.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dry season

I have been going through a rather rough dry season with my faith, for it seems to be the past year or so. It's not like my faith has gone away. it's just there. Not growing, wavering, or anything really. Just there. And it shouldn't just be there. I want it to be growing, I almost feel spiritually dead and it's terrible. I still pray everyday, try to read the bible (willingly and excitedly) every day, and nothings happening.

I recently told a good friend about it whose in ministry school and he said it's like what happened with Job, and I don't know about you but I don't want anything that's related to Job, just not as extreme. He had his dry season where he didn't hear from God and all he could do was persevere and wait for it to end. So apparently that's where I'm at and it's not even like things are bad, life has actually been pretty great recently and I've been really blessed.

Even though life has still been good I can't wait for this dry season to be over. It's like when your sick and trying to eat something but it just doesn't taste like how you know it should. But I guess all I can do is keep on persevering!

    "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see." Hebrews 11:1

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snack trays

I first saw this idea on Life Rearranged and thought it was absolutely wonderful! Melody is a snacker, which she gets from me, and she always wants to pick what she snacks on. We end up having tons of fits due to this. I try to only keep good for you things around so she has good things to choose from but we also have "special" snack food; fruit gummies, the rice puff popcorn, animal crackers, and goldfish. And those are always what she picks!

 I figured it was time to change that. So I found our cupcake tray and located 12 different snacks and just filled up each little container. Now I did include some "special" items such as cheetos (her absolute favorite), whole grain cookies, goldfish, and some apple jacks. But I was able to also include veggie sticks, cheese cubes, yogurt bites, and snap pea crisps.

All I had to do then was set it put and tell her those were the snacks for the day and she couldn't have more of one until each section was gone. It worked like a charm! She got to use her independence to pick her own snack, was able to snack when she needed to, and was still able to get some good things in her without much of an argument. Of course she went for the "special" snacks first but when they were gone that was that, no fit what so ever! I hope we can keep this up!

I have also concluded that Mel has the most adorable coloring face. She just concentrates so hard!

What are your favorite snack time snacks?

Monday, January 14, 2013


Melody and I caught the stomach bug this past week and I must say it was absolutely terrible! I caught it first; had a fever, was throwing up roughly every 30 minutes, couldn't walk without almost passing out, and all around ickiness. I'm pretty sure I looked like death. Luckily for me my mom was there to watch Mel so I could quarantine myself with the hopes she would avoid catching it. Luckily for me I started feeling a whole lot better on day 3 but sadly that is when Melody caught it. Poor baby girl couldn't grasp the concept of throwing up in a bucket so we went through A LOT of pj's and blankets. Good thing was it didn't hit her as hard so she recovered pretty quickly.

Next up is potty training! Now I have been trying to potty train her for awhile. Every now and then she'll go in the potty and get really excited but we have gotten to the point to where she'll hold it until I put a pull up on her. The only times she would get pull ups were going out, naptime, and bedtime. We tend to go to a lot of places so she didn't have much time being out of pull ups. I decided to start doing a terrifying thing -  keeping her in big girl undies when we go out and about. Today was day 1 and we went out to eat with no accidents! But also no actually going in the potty.

How do you deal with sick kids?

Have any potty training tips?