Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lithops and naptime

When I was pregnant I went to some Home and Garden show and that is where I met Greg, Greg is a lithop which is a plant native to Africa and was my first plant. I managed to keep him alive for 2 whole years before Melody knocked him off of his ledge and killed him.

While running a quick trip to Walgreens, I saw them. Lithops on sale for $1, and of course I just had to get one! So I now have a Greg Jr and hopefully he will last much longer! Lithops are super easy to take care of, you just water them enough so that the soil is most and then don't water them again until the soil is dry. It's like a once a week thing in the summer and like once every other week in the winter. The perfect plant for those who lack a green thumb. They are also supposed to have yellow or white flowers, Greg never grew flowers so maybe I do just have like a black thumb but I'm hoping Junior here will be able to grow some!

Also we have started structured nap time! So for the past three days I've been laying Melody down on her blanket on the floor at 1:30 and she has gone down without any fuss! Normally she wouldn't nap unless we went out before nap time and she fell asleep in the car, which I totally did not enjoy. So this is a really wonderful thing! So now that we have structured nap time and bedtime we just need to work on potty training.... Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated! We're doing it to where at home she wears no bottoms at all and I want to say it;s kind of working but she has only gone in the potty once.

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