Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Masqueology Pore Minimizing Mask Review

Also in my Birchbox came this face mask ($24). Now I had never used a face mask before or gotten a facial, so I was pretty stoked about this one. I have been wanting to use it for awhile but been putting it off till when I could "relax" with it. I finally had time tonight. So I took it out of it's package and pretty much just stuck it on my face for 20 minutes. I must say it felt wonderful (even though i looked kind of silly)! It was nice, cool, and refreshing. Just what I needed after a long July 4th.

I seriously consider getting some more for myself. I think that they would be wonderful to put on in the mornings so that I would go, or at least start my day with a fresh rejuvenated feeling. Each order comes with 3 masks.

(This review was not sponsored)

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