Monday, December 17, 2012

No words

I've been trying to avoid hearing about or talking about the shooting. It just breaks my heart so much and I can not even begin to imagine what life must be like for those families, or even that community. There's just no words. Also Melody will start school in about 3 years. She'll be in elementary school. And I don't want to think that that could happen to her. We're not called to live in fear.

I've thought about these families though, especially in this Christmas season. They probably already have a few presents wrapped under the tree, which might stay there a little while longer. Their lives have completely stopped while the rest of the world keeps moving on. And that's the sad thing. Life goes on. Of course everyone's going to remember this event years from now but it's just going to be something that had happened, everyone's going to continue on with their lives. While, for these families it will be almost impossible. How do you continue to live when your life is gone?

All I can do is send prayers their way and hope they feel the comforting hand of God. And that they know one day their families will be whole again.

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