Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas day is here at last! Melody woke up excited and not too early! I went to get her from her crib, said Merry Christmas and told her that Santa came. Her first question was "Did Santa eat my cookie??" Baby girl was excited to see if he ate her cookie or not, she didn't even care about the presents. She just ran into the kitchen and reached up to grab the plate off the table to see. Since Santa has to eat a lot of cookies he gets a little full, so he just ate the feet off of the gingerbread man and she thought it was the most hilarious thing! She had to go wake up Grandma and Grandpa and show them her feetless gingerbread man, she was so excited though. She then had to eat her own Gingerbread man.

Present opening was a challange, Lovebug got quite a bit of gifts and sitting there unwrapping them all was pure torture! She got through three presents before deciding she was done and just wanted to play with what she had already opened, one of which was a Cinderella night dress. She had to put that on right away and wore it the whole day! Pretty sure she had a wonderful day, even though it took her a fe hours to finally get everything opened, and this mama is worn out!

Mommy also got lots of fun things; such as awesome mustache earrings!

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