Sunday, December 2, 2012

A new tradition

Friday I went shopping for our Elf on a shelf! Of course I had forgotten about it until the day before December... And since this year the girl came out I just had to get it for Mel. And thus our elf adventure began.

We went to our nearby Target to get her and low and behold they only had four elves, all boys. So we ventured off to the next target and of course they had none. We went home and took a nap and went back to the first target, doesn't hurt to ask. They were supposed to have gotten some of the girls but weren't able to find them. The other target was supposed to have 41 elves total (according to the scanner) and one of those should be a girl, right? So off we went to the second target, we get there and ask and of course they really are sold out. The scanner was "wrong" and they had no elves at all. Getting rather tired of driving around we decided to make a quick stop to Barnes & Noble and what was sitting at the front of the store? Elves! With a girl sitting right on top.

It is safe to say Melody has been loving her. We're not good with the no touching, she always has to pick her up as soon as she finds her but always puts her right back. I can't wait to keep this tradition going!

Where are your elf's favorite hiding places? Ours was last seen in the toy kitchen.

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