Thursday, June 7, 2012

John 14:18

Your father left. Your mother died from AIDS. You live with your uncle who repeatedly rapes you and your aunt who beats you. Your lucky to get one meal a day. And you're only 8. This is the reality for many young children in Zambia.

Family Legacy is an organization that strives to create a loving environment for high risk children and also create a personal loving relationship with the kids while teaching them about their Heavenly father. I have gone with them twice to Camp Life; where we each get a group of about 12 children, teach them about God, give them new shoes, a meal, evangelize with them in their community, and just love on them. These are children that may have never heard someone say "I love you." It is the most eye opening and heartbreaking experience I have ever had. It has been 3 years since I have gone and I have missed it so much, my heart is still over there.

I plan on going back June 2013 and I want to pay for the trip all by myself. I'm asking for donations (on the right side of my blog) anything at all is wonderful, I will also be doing photoshoots for people in the Austin, Cedar Park, and Round Rock area, and I will be selling jersey knit bracelets in red, back, green, or gold for $2. Also prayers are also more than welcome!

I will be doing a mini series on some of the amazing children I was able to meet while over there so please stay tuned.

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