Sunday, June 24, 2012


I don't know how many of you have heard about Birch Box but I absolutely love it! I got a 3 month subscription to it for my birthday and it's wonderful! So far I have only gotten one box, but still. So I guess I should explain what it is. Birch Box is a site that sells beauty products and just fun things, when you sign up for the boxes they will send you 5 samples that are hand picked for you based on a profile that you fill out.
Now I am absolutely terrible with make up and stuff, I have no idea what works or looks good or anything. So for just $10 a month a get samples! It's really wonderful. For this month in my box I got a lip and check stain, some perfume, a bar of all natural soap, a face mask, and glamour band aids. After I try out each one I will post a short review on them!

(I wrote this with no compensation from BirchBox, I just love them)

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