Sunday, August 4, 2013


I just want to mention how much I LOVE Zulily (I am not being paid or endorsed in any way to make this post). THey have everything from clothes to shoes to furniture to books to kitchen essentials. And everything is on sale and oh so cute. I wish I had so much more money so I could get everything I want. If you haven't checked it out already I think that you should!

So far I've gotten Melody and I a pair of shoes, a puzzle pack, and books. There are a ton of "big" items I'm trying to save up for (furniture wise) but everything is so wonderful it's hard to pick! Also they tend to have dress up shops come around often, it's that time to start thinking about Halloween! Costumes for $20? I think yes!

Do you online shop? What's your favorite place to do so?

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