Monday, January 14, 2013


Melody and I caught the stomach bug this past week and I must say it was absolutely terrible! I caught it first; had a fever, was throwing up roughly every 30 minutes, couldn't walk without almost passing out, and all around ickiness. I'm pretty sure I looked like death. Luckily for me my mom was there to watch Mel so I could quarantine myself with the hopes she would avoid catching it. Luckily for me I started feeling a whole lot better on day 3 but sadly that is when Melody caught it. Poor baby girl couldn't grasp the concept of throwing up in a bucket so we went through A LOT of pj's and blankets. Good thing was it didn't hit her as hard so she recovered pretty quickly.

Next up is potty training! Now I have been trying to potty train her for awhile. Every now and then she'll go in the potty and get really excited but we have gotten to the point to where she'll hold it until I put a pull up on her. The only times she would get pull ups were going out, naptime, and bedtime. We tend to go to a lot of places so she didn't have much time being out of pull ups. I decided to start doing a terrifying thing -  keeping her in big girl undies when we go out and about. Today was day 1 and we went out to eat with no accidents! But also no actually going in the potty.

How do you deal with sick kids?

Have any potty training tips?

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  1. I found you on the January Hop. I hope you are both feeling better. My boys and I are trying to get over the same thing. Seems its been going around. As far as potty training goes, I went cold turkey with my last. No pull ups until bedtime. After 3 accidents, we never looked back. Some kid just take longer. Try not to push it or she will push back and refuse. LOL Thats what my first one did! Your newest follower.