Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Piggy bank time

Back to Michaels to pick out a craft for Melody! This time she picked this lovely little piggy bank set. Which included; piggy bank, glitter glue, paint, and stickers. All of which was absolutely wonderful. I was in love with this project and so was lovebug.

Just love that concentration. Oh and see her nails? Those are her "princess nails" in "princess pink".

She did it all on her own. ADORABLE. I just love love it. So what if she has three piggy banks now. They're all different sizes so it works. Hey maybe she can even sell a few to help mommy fundraise ;)


  1. Stopping by from the September Blog hop from Bloggy Moms! Love the princess nails. My daughter was never into the girly girl stuff, that is something I missed out on! Then I had two boys! LOL following you!

    Saving Your Green

  2. That must be a little sad! I'm lucky with her she loves princesses and all that stuff but also loves getting dirty and cars, best of both worlds! Thanks for the follow =]