Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adult tank to toddler tank

I took Mel to Goodwill where she picked out this lovely little tank top. Now it was a woman's large, much too big for me so I decided she could have it and I'd just cut it a bit to make it into a tank for her. Now I have never made an article of clothing so it was definitely a new experience. I took one of her tank tops we already had and just traced around it onto the large one to create the pattern. Simple enough.

After cutting out both sides I just sewed them together! Pretty much easy peasy! But then of course I had to hem it. And my goodness that is something I need to work on. I manages though. I cut a little strip for around the neck and just folded the edges of the sleeves in. Eh it worked.

Lovebug DID NOT want her picture taken though. So she varied between sitting down with a book and yelling at me. I managed to get a few almost decent shots of her in it at the mall though.

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