Sunday, August 19, 2012

Melody's Step Stool

Melody has recently reached the age where she can "brush her own teeth" with real toothpaste and then spit in the sink. Granted I don't think she's ever actually spit toothpaste in the sink, just water. But hey it's a start. She's also too big to be sitting right next to the sink and lovebug likes to stand. Which means step stool time!

I still had some leftover paint from when we painted her nursery and thought it would be perfect to paint a stool with. So I just snagged this little wooden one from Hobby Lobby for about $4 (yay for coupons).

 Put my lovely light purple coat on, waited for it to dry and then attempted at customizing. Now if you know me I'm not much of a painter. I can do coats and solid colors, the simple stuff. But when it comes to actually trying to do designs and things. Well it just doesn't typically work out for me. Maybe next time I should try to outline in pencil first...

But hey I was still proud of it.

Now all it needed was a melody!

And let me tell you, lovebug loves being able to be a big girl and stand up there and reach the sink all by herself. She even rinses off her toothbrush and fills her water cup all by herself. I can't believe my little lovebug is getting so big already. Where did all the time go?

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