Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turning long sleeves to short sleeves

So since it’s officially summer and really hot I decided to take these 2 long sleeved shirts and make them short sleeves, cause we all know there is no way Mel will wear them next year. 
And what’s awesome about this is you just cut at an upward angle from the bottom of the sleeve and tada you now have short sleeves, I thought mine looked fine and won’t fray so I didn’t hem them.
I thought the pink one was a little plain so I decided to make a bow for it. For the bow I just cut the sleeve open at the seem and then cut out a rectangle.
Next I just pinched the rectangle in the middle to make the shape and then sewed a strip of fabric around the middle.
To get the bow on the shirt I just sewed both sides on the middle of the bow.
And there we go two new spring shirts!

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