Thursday, July 24, 2014

Communication with a stutterer

Melody is a stutter. My poor baby girl stutters, one on one it's not that bad and at home it's barely even noticeable. This is until she gets upset or excited. I never stuttered, though I did have to go to speech therapy, so I'm not entirely sure on the right way to go about it. Since it has gone down I've been waiting to put her in speech therapy but we'll see how she does with it in pre-k.

What I've found works best with her is to keep my eyes on her, show her I'm interested and that I'm paying attention to her. I want her to know that what she says is importance and that in turn boosts her confidence. I hope that with her confidence boosted she'll be able to take her time and be able to get her words out. It seems to be working so far!

In school though it's a different story. She's very soft spoken and it's hard to hear her. Especially in a class full of rowdy boys, it's very easy for her to just not be heard. Her teachers say that her confidence has grown and that she enjoys raising her hand and answering questions but in a room full of 4-5 years it can be hard for any child to get out a full sentence, let alone one that stutters. Children don't have as much patience as adults do and I'm worried about their kindness as she gets older.

It seems to be in groups she has the most difficulty, her teachers do encourage her to talk and take the time to listen, but hopefully with realizing that what she has to say is important will help her continue to speak up regardless of the stuttering or maybe even overcome it all together!

Do you have any tips for stuttering?

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