Friday, March 15, 2013


I got Melody Merida's bow and arrow from the Disney store last week and we finally decided to try it out since warmer weather is finally starting to come! She's still a little small for it and doesn't quite get but she still loves it and I think with some practice she'll be getting it down.

Melody started sports class this week! It was a little difficult, only one other student who did not want to participate and it was in the middle of nap time. Overall I would say it was successful though! Melody started with t-ball where we learned she's a left handed batter! She does everything else with her right hand so this was fun to learn. She got to practice hitting the ball a bit and then played a music game while running the bases, I'm pretty sure that was her favorite. Next up she played some basketball! She got to stand on the dot and shoot some baskets and then practiced passing the ball with the other student and well, neither of them were very good at passing, but they tried and thats what counts! Last was some soccer! Melody got to make goals and even practiced a little bit of dribbling! We got to finish with some stretching! Which, she enjoyed since it was similar to things mommy does at jazzercise!

I keep Melody's stroller just sitting on the front porch, probably not the best place but eh, it works. So, some days when we get home from somewhere she just climbs right on up there ready for a walk, even if we just came home from jazzercise and mommy is tired.

My reception napkins came in!! Aren't they wonderful?? Too bad I ordered them before we cut down the invite list so we have 400 napkins and roughly 100 people to invite, at least we'll be able to use them after!

During the summer I had gotten an eye ulcer and haven't been able to wear contacts since. Apparently, this caused a large scar on my cornea which meant I may never be able to wear contacts again (lame!). So I had to go see a cornea specialist that told me I should be able to wear contacts! Though I cannot have LASIK but I may be able to get a PRK, the painful version of LASIK. Right now I'm just happy that I'll be able to wear contacts at my wedding!

life rearranged

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