Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have to say that today was a very trying day. I woke up feeling so alone. More alone than I had been in so long and I wondered how I was going to manage this and what the future would have in store. Then we of course ran out of pull ups, though I could have sworn we still had a few, and ended up having to go to the store. Since there were no more pull ups Melody had to wear her big girl undies to the store (she has not been doing well in them) so I packed a towel and tried to be as fast as possible. Luckily we made it with no accidents. After coming home and Mel waking up from a nap she had to go potty. Which she then started holding herself crying and saying ow. Now the doctor told me not to be surprised if she got a uti since it's common in potty training girls it still worried me. On our way out the door to find a family clinic (the doctor is closed weekends) she somehow manages to get part of a leaf stuck in her eye. And I mean that thing was STUCK. We tried a warm washcloth and eye drops and nothing would get that thing out. So I decided to continue on our way to the clinic and knock two birds out with one stone. I ended up driving all across town to 5 different clinics, because you know no one takes Medicaid and the places that do closed when I got there.

Defeated I went home, decided to eat dinner then take my poor child to the er. Only after dinner she had major diarrhea which meant she just needed a bath, luckily that got the leaf out of her eye. Which meant that waiting till tomorrow to go to the clinic would probably be best. Now by the time I laid her down to bed I was exhausted and more alone feeling than I was when I woke up. But then I came to the realization that we just had a pretty crappy day but I made it through it. Mel and I made it through it together, and I figured if we could make it through a day like that then we can probably handle anything.

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  1. New reader here. Sorry about your trying day. Wow, a leaf in the eye sounds so painful!